The Frauds Of Serge Lobreau Flashmoni Fraud Fraud at Asset Backed Crypto Summit

Serge Lobreau is a dangerous man for the world financial system because he has been practicing frauds that total more than 100 million dollars.

From now on you will have access to the exclusive information on the frauds promoted by Serge Lobreau.

Who is Serge Maurice MPiana Lobreau?

The man who lives luxuriously, spending thousands of dollars a day (from his frauds), was born in the former Zaire (Democratic Republic of Congo), is a French citizen, also has fiscal identity in Latvia and claims to have citizenship in the UAE.

He started working at McDonalds and became a DJ. He says he worked in banking. But how accurate is his background, even on LinkedIn? When KCDPR, a public relations agency of the United States of America - that serge Lobreau hired, signed contract with and still hasn’t paid - asked him to send biographical data, he did not send anything…

He is a French citizen, married, worked in Paris and has his residence in the south of France. Serge Lobreau tells a story that he does not know the day he was born or even the right place, says to have been a poor child but who fought hard and managed to graduate in finance in England. What’s true? From hypothetical regular finance to practical fraud finance? Yes, Serge Lobreau is a man who has specialised in fraud.

Serge Piana Lobreau been referred to as one of the network leaders in France promoting the financial pyramid scheme Geteasy, where he was pocketing hundreds of thousands of euros a month while many thousands of people were losing their savings: The owner of this sham company, Tiago Fontoura, has been in prison since 2015, and his other three partners are either under house arrest or also in jail.

As for Serge Lobreau, he continued his trajectory with trading gold from DRC’s artisanal mine sites, most likely trafficking gold from illegal ones. Then, the big opportunity came with the ICO (Initial Coin Offer) system and creating events where fraud and business continue to cover the trail of his shady activities.

To build his scheme with the ICO system, he signed contracts with good and honoured professionals, competent and respected in their activities, and with competent companies, but only to use their reputation and never paying them for services rendered.

With this professional support in place, one could say his biggest specialty is stealing money from people around the world.

A Flashmoni SCAM

With Flashmoni’s ICO, Serge Lobreau got more than 72 million dollars from people in several countries.

Read below the reports of Serge Lobreau's fraudulent activities, narrated by a former worker at Flashmoni who, after realizing so many red flags he wasn’t aware before, decided to report the sham.

“I take this opportunity to thank you for the time when you showed up in my life promising to give me a hand and helping me to imagine a better professional and financial perspective ahead, while helping you building credibility that was needed for Flashmoni’s project.

I had a good time and I was happy and confident because I believed in all of it, and I believed you.

Then you started changing and money became a constant problem for everything. On a startup many things happen. But not like this. You, the self-promoted “millionaire”, were supposed to be saving the day and keeping the machine well oiled. Instead, every time there was a payment delay, it came with promises. And every empty promise created a wider gap between us.

I only have two readings for that: It might have been an ill-strategy because of your wish that things that went wrong would change, and time be the remedy for the problems you decided to not disclose to me, or, way much worse, it might have been a machiavelic strategy you thought for a darker purpose.

Your lack of transparency and your continuous excuses and postponements as well as your silence about was going on, became a practical problem for me. I have a family and monthly bills to settle. Working and being exposed publicly and providing my background career as a backup reference for your company and your projects had a price, that you knew, that you signed a contract for and were initially willing to pay.

But you don’t honor commitments, you don’t pay bills, you have your own agenda and you come up with excuses and lies in front of others to defend yourself.

And the problem is always because of someone else... not you.

You took the wrong path, made your choice and started disrespecting me.

You interfered with my life and my family was hit really hard.

After your continued promises to pay me my salaries, when all others would also receive, you surprised me by saying that my situation was my personal problem! This is really terrible, but not so strange when it’s coming from someone who was owing everyone and still was spending more than 50.000 dollars in one single night partying in Dubai!

Then you changed your mind, just because you decided it was the way to momentarily solve your problem with me, and you told me that you had already paid me because of what you had given me before! Excuse me? There’s a huge difference between the little money you decided to give me before to pay some bills and food and the salaries we agreed on!

You announced, in a meeting in June, to pay each one who was actively engaged during the ICO, including me, a total of 1.000.000 OZT, meaning, at ICO’s value, the equivalent to 137.000 USD.

Nothing is available on my wallet. It means that you owe me that too.

The lies that I refused to see before, started to become too clear to me. Not only to me.

Your lies to others about me can only come from a problematic person that needs to be and will be accountable for. The people you lied to understand the difference between who you are and who I am.

You accused me of stealing from you 150.000 euros ???

My reputation is totally clean. You’re trying to vilify me, my integrity and honesty.

What you’re doing is slander. And it’s a criminal offence for which you will have to respond when time comes.

Let me remind you of some facts.

Your employees living in Parede had no money for food while you were away for a month in Bangkok, Phuket and Phi Phi Islands!

You simply left the company, the people working for you and everything else at random, with bills unpaid, while you were taking care of personal matters and spending time at beach resorts!

Flashmoni was a wonderful project that you, and only you, turned into a PR nightmare!

Despite your recent alternate solutions to put up Flashmoni’s system, your silence and no substantial information on Flashmoni’s progress became your tools for holding investors to make queries and pushing your entourage‘s focus on ABCSummit, to continue having them working for free.

Your entire attitude revealed mismanagement, lack of transparency in conducting business, and a growing number of lies to cover up everything.

You got serious issues to take care of.

Last May, when I asked you to be crystal clear with me about the whereabouts of the gold and the funds from the ICO (it doesn’t add up when a company that supposedly has obtained more than 72 million dollars on crowdfunding is literally owing everyone), you simply told me it was none of my business!

Well, it smells really bad… I won’t be an accomplice and I don’t want to be part of any wrongdoing.

I saw in you a true friend and someone who had the same values as me. You proved me that I was so wrong.

I never pretended to be rich. I was, at some point in my life, but my fortune originated from my knowledge, my skills, my seriousness and my honor.

I know I will have a better future ahead because I believe the grass is definitely greener elsewhere.

Another of your lies was telling people that you fired me. You didn’t.

Well, read this very clearly: I quit.

You shall be receiving a registered letter that I sent you for the annulment of the working contract with Flashmoni.” Through the words of this former officer we can be certain of the fraud that was architected by Serge Lobreau with Flashmoni and most likely using the ABCSummit - Asset Backed Crypto Summit - an event scheduled for the end of September in Lisbon, that is organised by… Serge Lobreau! He’s also the CEO of Flashcom PTE Ltd., the Singaporean company promoting and organising the ABC Summit event ( We know that some speakers and companies that were willing to be there, are now are clearly distancing themselves from it (maybe the event won’t happen at all if cancelations become too many or if the Portuguese Judicial Police decides to intervene until then…)

Serge Maurice MPiana Lobreau has a dubious past life with involvement in Ponzi schemes dressed as MLM and has shown a misconceived business conduct with less clear practices.

Looking at Flashmoni, Serge Lobreau did not transfer the majority of ERC20 OZT tokens to investors because he did not pay, the company that created the smart contract in Ethereum and sent OZT tokens to some Flashmoni members’s wallets, until the service was halted for non-payment. Serge Lobreau's decision to create the smart contract only after and not before the ICO strongly denounces his dubious intentions because it made the fundraising process very uncertain as to how much was actually raised, who paid what and where the funds ended up. It is important to realize that since the end of ICO - June 10, 2018 - of the 730 million OZT that were created, less than 0.5% were sent to Flashmoni's investors: Investors can not check the balance of their tokens that they should be able to see in their wallets at because Serge Lobreau also did not pay, the company that was initially dealing with the Flashmoni's investors database and the simple initial wallets. Without having received payment, this French company did not provide the tool to combine the data previously available in the"> In another fun tactic to cover his mess, Serge Lobreau, who became unable to combine the number of each investor’s OZT information with names and e-mail data of nearly 20,000 people registered in Flashmoni, tried to convince members to re-register by sending emails with a worthless 100 OZT offer just to "thank them for their trust" and in the process to get the offer, leading these people to "reconfirm" their information. Electronic copy of the email: "Dear ambassadors, We really want to thank you for your trust from day one. It's such a great honor that we decided to give you 100 OZTs! How to receive them? Click "Get My Bonus" Serge Lobreau was not able to put the tokens in the wallets, perhaps because Flashmoni is facing serious cash flow problems that affect everything else. Staff salaries have not been paid, invoices of all kinds are due everywhere. The continuous lies of Serge Lobreau to everyone, especially to those to whom he owes money, and his investments in other activities not related to Flashmoni, as well as his luxurious lifestyle, while owing money, and financing business activities that he promotes outside the scope of the Flashmoni project, whether with a clothing brand or promoting the ABC Summit via his Flashcom company without means to do so, opens the way for many complicated questions for him, probably because he did all the above mentioned using funds originated from Flashmoni's ICO . He really has a lot to explain. And there are more things to consider. Serge Lobreau said that he has already bought the gold to support the OZT and told several people that it’s being kept in Johannesburg, South Africa. However, he also confided to some people that the gold was kept in Oporto, Portugal, and even spoke about the gold being in Dubai…

So, a very important question is: WHERE ARE THE 2300 KG OF GOLD BOUGHT WITH THE MONEY THAT PEOPLE INVESTED IN Flashmoni?

Is it not strange that a CEO just coming out of an ICO with a sound figure of 72 million dollars raised, delays for many months ahead the showing of evidence of the deposited gold of the company bought with public funds? To postpone showing the existence of the gold that supports the OZT token, especially when such gesture would only strengthen the market’s value of the OZT even before the token was available on exchangers? Another proof of the Flashmoni cheat. Serge Lobreau also has no product to show to anyone because he has not honored his contracts with companies he convinced to work for him. For example,, was contracted after the ICO to create the smart contract, not before, and send the OZT to investors wallets, but halted the process. was contracted to develop the Flashmoni ecosystem and decided to stop everything due to lack of payment. Will not go on. was contracted to build the FlashCryptoStation (Flashmoni’s ATM), but they have no system to hook up the hardware they designed because there’s no software solution to link the ecosystem… was contracted to work on the OZTCard, to hold the OZT tokens, but most likely they don’t know yet that they have been played by a “player”… Without tokens available to send anywhere and wallets without reference of the number of tokens each investor has, how is he planning to send OZT to an exchanger on the September 15? The rent of the office of Portugal is due and the services are not paid. The people who stayed with Serge Lobreau stopped to go to the office to work and the windows and the entrance are continuously closed. In Singapore there is no office simply because nothing has been paid until today. We are sure of it. Sapian and Partners / Flashmoni’s names has been removed from the electronic panel of companies at the lobby of the building where the office should be.

The London office does not exist. Never rented. It's all fraud.

Serge Lobreau always says he is waiting for money transfers, blaming banks for delays or sending photos as evidence of transfer of money to those he owes money, only to cancel the transfers afterwards. This is illegal, but he's done it countless times. Ask in the US, ask companies that he owes office and other services in Singapore, ask companies that have canceled their participation in ABCSummit, such as or, the reason why they chose to leave the event and end their partnerships with Flashmoni. So, when considering the excellent financial health that the company should have after the success of ICO and knowing all the payments due that Flashmoni has, one other very important question comes to mind:


After other postponements, September 15 is the new date for the OZT to hit the exchangers… WE DON’T THINK SO. September is also the month of the ABC Summit, an event that is diverting attention from Flashmoni's serious problems in the eyes of the people who invested in ICO. All the dark attitudes and "activities" of Serge Lobreau should be enough for any real and legal company not to get involved in anything Serge Lobreau does, including the ABC Summit. Serge Lobreau scheduled the first event on May 15, 2018, but postponed payments to speakers (eg Kevin O'LEARY) and told lies to cover up the mess, and in doing so delayed everything and forced the postponement of the event. Most likely the ABC Summit will not go ahead. If Serge Lobreau survives all the evidence against him and continues to push for having the event, he didn’t pay for famous speakers capable of attracting audiences and has almost no marketing in place. Investors will not show up and companies that paid to be in Lisbon will only have wasted their time and money. Except for a good show if the police comes around on those days to check what has been going on.


In the United States, the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has already been tipped by American investors who put money into Flashmoni's ICO and reported it accusing it of being a FRAUD. In France, the Authorities of Financial Markets have been tipped also by investors to whom Serge Lobreau said Flashmoni had obtained an agreement to operate. AMF denies it.


The more people who report to all blogs, newspapers and police about what is happening, and the potential danger that Serge Lobreau represents to all, the better. Remember that we are one month away from the ABC Summit and we need to stop him.

Only one little Serge Lobreau wallet from Flashmoni scam